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2001 Class X 99%
Class XII 98%
2002 Class X 98%
Class XII 98%
2003 Class X 95%
Class XII 92%
2004 Class X 98%
Class XII 96%


This is more to life at CAMBRIDGE than work. Infact students are encouraged to make the most of excellent Social Cultural, Sporting opportunities available. Whatever their interest to their standard it may be, they will soon discover that their are many others with similar interest and abilities. In particular, CAMBRIDGE  gives them the chance to try new activities like Judo, Karate, Yoga, RT. Athletics, Debate, Seminar, Symposium, Quiz Competition, Public Speaking, Computer, Extempore and Elocution. Regular game classes are held for which School has qualified P. T. Teachers. Our children are divided into four houses- TAGORE, SHIVAJI, RAMAN and CHANAKYA thereby building a healthy spirit of competition whether it is  in the classroom or in its extra curricular activities like Debate, Elocution, Quiz Compitition, Cricket, Football and Badminton tournaments.

Individual attention is the key at our Academy and as such we up- to- date our parents every month with a monthly progress report and medical report which are given to the parents

We up- to- date the parents also with :-

  • Attendance of Children.

  • Progress of the Children.

  • We caution parents in the areas a child is weak in.

  • Parents are called if required to discuss about the individual problems of the child.

  • Introduction of value education through school diary.

We also welcome parents to meet respective teachers and other authorities to discuss about the problems of their children as well as the school. We believe parents are our best well wishers and patrons.


The Academy believes in excellence. Admission in the Academy is made purely on merit basis. As seats are limited in each class, students for admission are selected on the basis of Selection Test and Personal Interview. As the academic session of the academy begins from 1st of April, admission formalities are to be completed before 31st of March every year.

The printed admission form for admission along with prospectus can be obtained from the school office on payment of Rs.300.00. The same will be mailed on receipt of an account payee bank draft of Rs.350.00 in favour of CAMBRIDGE SCHOOL, Payable at Ranchi.

Admission test will be of 2 hours duration. Questions will be set from C. B. S. E. syllabus of the preceding standard for which the admission is sought covering the following subjects :-

  • English

  • Hindi 

  • Maths  

The Boys/Girls selected on the basis of written test will face an interview for the final selection.

The following documents will be required at the time of admission :

  • Municipal Birth Certificate for admission in Nursery and K.G.

  • Original School Leaving Certificate and Progress Card of the Previous School, Counter signed by Education Deptt. of Jharkhand.

  • Character Certificate from the Principal of the previous School.

  • Mark Sheet & Admit Card of the Board for Admission in Class XI.

  • Two Passport size photographs.

  • Introduction of a Local Guardian, if any.

  • Two passport size photograph of Parents & Local Guardian.(For Boarder Students)

  • Caste Certificate in case of S.C. /ST. /O.B.C.

A student can be withdrawn from the school at the end of an academic year. If a student is withdrawn during the academic session, only caution money will be refunded. Three months prior notice shall be required if a student is to be withdrawn from the school otherwise fees will be charged for three months. One month tuition will be deposited by the students at the time of taking School Leaving certificate/Transfer certificate.

FEE Schedule

Fee shall be deposited Quarterly in advance as per following :-

Day Scholar
NUR to STD I Amount STD II to STD V Amount
1st Quarter                               
(At the time of Admission)
Rs.8090.00 1st Quarter                                 
(At the time of Admission)
Rs. 8830.00
2nd Quarter                              Rs. 1950.00 2nd Quarter                                 Rs. 2100.00
3rd Quarter                               Rs. 1950.00 3rd Quarter                                  Rs. 2100.00
4th Quarter                               Rs. 1950.00 4th Quarter                                   Rs. 2100.00
STD VI to STD X Amount STD XI to STD XII (Science) Amount
1st Quarter  
(At the time of Admission)
Rs. 9140.00 1st Quarter
(At the time of Admission)
Rs. 8990.00
2nd Quarter    Rs. 2400.00 2nd Quarter     Rs. 2700.00
3rdQuarter          Rs. 2400.00 3rd Quarter  Rs.2700.00
4th Quarter   Rs. 2400.00 4th Quarter   Rs.2700.00
STD XI to STD XII (Commerce) Amount    
1st Quarter  
(At the time of Admission)
Rs. 8840.00    
2nd Quarter Rs. 2550.00    
3rdQuarter   Rs. 2550.00    
4th Quarter  Rs. 2550.00    



NUR to STD I Amount STD II to STD V Amount
1st Quarter
(At the time of Admission)
Rs.15936.00 1st Quarter
(At the time of Admission)
2nd Quarter  Rs.9,336.00 2nd Quarter Rs.9486.00
3rd Quarter Rs.9,336.00 3rd Quarter  Rs.9486.00
4th Quarter Rs.9,336.00 4th Quarter Rs.9486.00
STD VI to STD X Amount STD XI to STD XII (Science) Amount
1st Quarter
(At the time of Admission)
Rs.17,490.00 1st Quarter
(At the time of Admission)
2nd Quarter  Rs.10,740.00 2nd Quarter Rs.11,982.00
3rd Quarter Rs.10,740.00 3rd Quarter Rs.11,982.00
4th Quarter Rs.10,740.00 4th Quarter Rs.11,982.00
STD XI to STD XII (Commerce) Amount    
1st Quarter
(At the time of Admission)
2nd Quarter Rs.11,832.00    
3rd Quarter Rs.11,832.00    
4th Quarter Rs.11,832.00