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CAMBRIDGE SCHOOL has been established in the year 1992 to cater the educational needs of Eastern India. The school is situated at Ranchi-Purulia Main Road at a distance of 16 K.M. from Ranchi town and is well connected with Airways, Railways and Road transport. Ranchi is climatically most suitable place for educational pursuits.

CAMBRIDGE SCHOOL is the cultural mixture like other eminent institutions. students are drawn from all over the country from both Government and independent schools. Whatever class or course you choose you will meet students just like yourself. In fact you will soon find that background is not really important. Students life at CAMBRIDGE SCHOOL is extremely homely, students adjust themselves here wherever they come from.

The school is going to undertake the most practical exercise of giving special coaching for admission in Medical and Engineering Courses. At CAMBRIDGE SCHOOL, students are not just expected to absorb regurgitate facts, but rather in original and exciting ways. Students are given unlimited opportunities to learn and discuss about their subjects. One of the most significant ways in which CAMBRIDGE differs from other schools is in its small group teaching known as SUPERVISION. The emphasis here is very firmly on personal support and endearment.                    

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